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Technology, Professional and Financial Services

Insurance solutions for firms in the technology, professional and financial services sectors, with a particular focus on Professional Indemnity (PI), Cyber and Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance.


We specialise in providing insurance solutions to firms in the technology, professional and financial services sectors.


We advise our clients on a full suite of insurance products with a particular focus on Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Profesional Indemnity

Professional indemnity is essential for businesses that provide professional services – specialist advice, services, design or provision of technology.

Professional indemnity protects against claims made against you arising from the provision of your professional services, it will pay the legal costs to defend a claim and compensation awarded if the claim is successful.

Why do you need specialist PI insurance

Duty of care

In providing professional services you legally owe a duty of care to your client, this means that you need to exercise reasonable skill and care. Failure to do this is known as negligence and if your client suffers a financial loss as a result you could be liable to pick up the tab.

Stay protected

In other words, if you make a mistake, provide incorrect or incomplete advice that costs your client money, they could sue you for compensation.

Better safe than sorry

No matter how diligent a business is, mistakes can happen. And even if your business hasn’t done anything wrong, the time and costs of defending a claim against you can be significant.


High client expectations along with an increased awareness of legal rights and remedies mean that where a client is not satisfied with your work they are likely to seek compensation from you (for alleged damages caused by failure of services provided).

Preserve your reputation

For some firms PI is a compulsory requirement of their professional body, for others it is often a contractual condition to doing business. Many firms choose to take out the cover as best practice to benefit from the financial protection and to ensure claims are dealt with in a quick and efficient manner to preserve the reputation of their business.

Policy Cover

This will vary depending on the specifics of your business and the insurer’s policy wording but the following are the core elements of a professional indemnity policy.

In addition there are extensions and endorsements that can be applied to your policy to make it more specific and relevant to your business and requirements.

Liability for breach of professional duty of care (negligence)

Defamation (libel and slander)

Intellectual property infringement

Breach of confidentiality

Costs incurred in investigations by regulators and other authorities

Defending a criminal proceeding

Why use ARIA to place your specialist PI Insurance

Subtle differences in policy wording can be the difference between whether a claim is paid or not. Having a broker that has a good technical understanding of PI insurance is crucial to ensuring that the policy will meet your needs as intended. At ARIA we focus on sectors where we have the knowledge and experience, this allows us add value and makes us a safe pair of hands to look after your PI insurance.

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